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Rebels with scissors and an army of talent and passion. That’s how owner Ramsey Sayah describes himself and his eclectic staff at Texture Hair Salon in the ByWard Market and Texture Hair Boutique on Merivale Road.

Ottawa’s premier and cutting-edge salon for style and fashion, Texture Hair Salon was launched by Ramsey 12 years ago. From a small salon with two chairs, Texture has grown into a company with over 25 employees in two locations, while further expansion plans are in the works.

“Right out of high school and straight into hairstyling academy, I learned that this industry is one that requires talent in art, business and personality,” says Ramsey. “Luckily enough I had all three; I just needed to realize it and run with it.”

A trip to Texture Hair Salon is not just a visit, but a full-blown hairstyling experience. Each staff member at Texture is a true artist when it comes to hair design, and they continually upgrade their skills and talent by keeping abreast of new hairstyling techniques and entering international cutting and colouring competitions.

“Texture is, in my opinion, the best salon in the country,” says Ramsey. “Having the most talented award-winning stylists speaks for itself. Just ask the many celebrities — models, athletes and actors — that attend our salon. They will be sure to respond by confirming we take pride in the craft. Our team is passionate and creative and always serves each guest as if they have celebrity status.”

Services offered by Texture include cutting, colouring, highlighting, styling, extension services, makeup services and more.

“Our commitment to customer service is second to none,” says Ramsey. “Our staff have professional relationships with our guests that is hard to replace. We like our staff to promote themselves; for them it’s almost like running a business within a business.”

Even though Texture is a higher-end salon, there are plenty of discounts and ways for guests to save money. Students save 20 per cent when they come in on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Existing clients who refer a friend will get 15 per cent off their next visit, as will their friend. Greco members save 20 per cent, Faces VIP Card holders save 10 per cent, and Student Saver Card holders save 25 per cent. Guests who subscribe to Texture’s mailing list receive e-coupons for future discounts, and can receive a free travel-size product by checking in on Facebook or Twitter while at Texture. Finally, guests can take advantage of Texture’s 20/20 service, featuring 20-minute services for $20.

Future plans for Texture include creating a television show to showcase the talent and stories of Ramsey and his award-winning team.

Texture Hair Salon is located at 293 Dalhousie St., Unit 101 and 1884 Merivale Rd., Unit 6. Texture now has an online booking service. For more information or to book an online appointment, please visit